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And the hardest part of life is to say goodbye

So, last sunday one of my friend was back to Indonesia for good. For the first time when my friends were back for good I cried so much.
Even when I was first time to came here to left my family I didn’t cry that much.
she’s my friend that I already think as my own sister already.
The big sister that always take care of me, now is live far away. I won’t have a great days in here without her.
Too many things that we shared.
Even now if I think about her still makes me wanna cry.
Now all I can do is pray from the bottom of my heart for her success. May God always bless her.
God, how much I hate to say that word.

Thought via Path

Sometimes ur heart got hurt because of my mistakes, but never once you blamed me. Instead you says “it’s okay, it’s okay” with smile, you gave me strength. For that I really grateful even I couldn’t say it loud to you. Thanks for being my mom! – Read on Path.

Times sure fly away..

It’s been nearly 4 years I’ve been here. I’ve through up and down. I meet new people, be friend with them, and I’ve been through the farewell.

But when your friend in your circle is the one whose gonna leave, somehow you’ll be missing them for sure. That’s what I’ll be through.

I’ve always have this thought. “What the heck you’ve been doing? Why the heck I’m still here?” Those kind of thinking keep haunt me as I’ve talked about for good with my friends. They will leave this place in next year. 

To tell the truth, maybe I’m scare to go back to ‘home’. As the life I’ve living now is kind a dream. For sure I’m gonna miss this kind of life.

But I’ve always talk to Him, and believe that this is His plan. As long as I keep walking on His path, even though I couldn’t see the end of it, I’m sure that the place He prepared is beautiful.

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